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The beach of Seccheto and nearby beaches

Seccheto Beach
The Beach of Seccheto, 150 meters long and of fine sand, is next to the Hotel.

The beach is public save for a small part where there are paid lounge chairs and a small bar with shower. 100 meters away you can find all the services of the village: kiosk, mini-market, church, bars and restaurants.

Seccheto Beach, Elba

The beach is framed by flat rock formations that offer ideal platforms to sunbathe. The sea floor is sandy and the water crystal clear.

On the left side the low clifs are called "Le Piscine" (the pools). Particular, natural rock formations have created shallow natural pools by the sea.

On the right side, just in front of our hotel, the cliffs form dock where small boats can dock and behind it our small port to park the boats when out of the water.

The Diving Center of Seccheto offers SSI diving lessons and daily guided excursions along the south-western coast line of the island.

Beaches in the surroundings
Seccheto holds a strategic location in the "Costa del Sole" (Sun Coast), the tract of coast which goes from Marina di Campo to Patresi.
In a few minutes drive you can reach some of the most well known beaches of Elba Island. Some are equipped with bars and lounging chairs while others are completely natural where you can enjoy nature at its best. There are many choices according with your personal taste: wether you like sandy or pebly beaches, crowded or less populated beaches. Each holds a beauty of its own and all offer the splendor of crystal clear turquoise waters.

Cavoli Beach
To the left of our Hotel, About 1.5 miles away is a beautiful sandy beach, Cavoli, which is very popular amongst younger crowds.

Fetovaia Beach
Surpassing Seccheto by about 2 miles, the Beach of Fetovaia, is stowed quietly, its sand the whitest and finest and its torquoise waters calm because of the long promontory that protects the bay from winds.

Le Tombe Beach
It is located after Fetovaia Beach facing the Island of Corsica. A 100 meters long, suggestive beach, perfect for those who are seeking peace and quiet. Start off at the roadside at the top of Le Tombe and follow the path downwards for about 200 metres.

Giardino Beach
An unusual beach thanks to its colour and the scenery. Although it is usually very hot here because the dark coloured pebbles absorb the rays of the sun, there is always a gentle sea breeze. The suggestive, black rocks veined with quartz are all around. To get to these beaches you have to walk downhill for about 200 metres through Mediterranean bush starting from the car park at the top of the road.

Pomonte Beach
The Beach of Ogliera is famous since the 70's due to the shipwreck which lies at the bottom of its waters (about 16 meters down) only a few meters from the shore. The relic of Elbiscott as it is known, is one of the major points of interest for snorklers and divers alike.

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